I am a puppy loving, coffee drinking hairstylist/waitress turned 7 figure entrepreneur. Like most journeys, it didn’t just magically happen. My story has lots of tears and sleepless nights, as well as hard work. The most important work I did was on my mindset. I am so committed to raising the standards hairstylists have for ourselves. I want us to dream bigger, accomplish more and be in the mindset of growth and contribution. Fifteen years behind the chair and four salons later I have figured out some things along the way. I create programs to help beauty professionals say no to burn-out and yes to a retirement plan. Will you join me?

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Are you burnt out and ready to throw in the bleach-stained towel?

Want to spend fewer hours behind the chair and have more time for... Vacations? Family? Cuddling with your dog?

Do you feel like your income is limited to the quantity of clients you take on? Working weekends and late nights just to make ends meet?

Do you wish you could only work with the clients you absolutely love working with? You know... the ones who let you try out your newest technique, no questions asked?

Are you ready to make 6-figures in an industry that you're proud to be a part of?


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Up-level your artistry and start making more income with updos!

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Make your guests more loyal than ever with these 5 tips!

5 tips to keep clients coming back



Learn my steps to manifesting your dream career!

how to create a vision board


"Though the beauty may be the butterfly, the struggle and growth occur in the cocoon."

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based in salt lake city, utah


Get on the VIP list for exclusive tips, love letters, and updates from yours truly.

Want my top 5 tips to keep clients coming back?